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I love photos, but pictures can take up a lot of room on our fridge so combining them with magnets is a win-win. A bonus: All your magnets will look the same.

This is a very simple project that is easy for everyone. First things first, you’ll need to shrink your photos down to fit in a 1″ circle (I had some help with my Silhouette Cameo).


Next, stock up on the 1″ glass circles found in the jewelry section.


These circles will be flat on one side and rounded on the other. If you do not have a machine to cut out a perfect circle, you can use the glass circles to trace a circle onto your photo and cut out with scissors. Next step is to grab the mod podge! I used matte. Paint the back (flat side) of the glass circle. Don’t paint the pictures, it may smear the ink and you’ll be back at step one. You don’t need a lot of mod podge either just enough to cover the surface.


Flip your circle over onto your cut out photo.


It is okay if it doesn’t go on perfectly you have a moment before the mod podge starts to dry to shift the glass to the position you want. Apply some pressure to squeeze out any air bubbles. Let them dry. After they are dry, put a coat or two on the back to seal the picture down and prevent the E6000 from soaking through.

Once the picture is completely dry, take E6000 and apply some to the 1″ magnet, that you totally picked up with the glass circles. We are making magnets…. You don’t need much – this glue is the mother of all glues and will ooze so less is more. This glue with your skin, or anything on you for that matter, is not a good combo, so use with caution. Place the glass circle onto the magnet. Apply some pressure and let dry overnight.


You’ll wake up to cute handmade magnets! Now your fridge photos have a purpose.