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We have this awesome cabinet above our stairwell that hides all our kitchen gadgets. I had painted the door white shortly after we purchased our house, because it was forest green, but the door is big and plain, so it soon became the perfect spot for our family command center.


At first, I used the whiteboard vinyl and stuck it directly to the door with black vinyl for outlines.


Despite my procrastination on finishing, it had functionality. It’s helped us to stay more organized and is used daily. Lately, I’ve been wanting to revamp the look and functionality of it, as well as, finishing it. Placing the whiteboard vinyl on a textured door didn’t hold up too well, so I was pretty set on a redo. More crafting? Sign me up!


This project took some thinking due to the functionality of it. Having the whiteboard vinyl was a must, but I wanted to be able to erase quicker without the black vinyl and have the ability to switch the dates without rewriting the entire calendar each time.

Placing the black vinyl on top of the whiteboard vinyl was a challenge and near impossible to get it on straight, so this time I wanted black boarders, with the whiteboard on top. I ended up picking up a 3’x4′ mat board from the craft store for my frames and a roll of whiteboard vinyl. The mat board would give the vinyl a smooth flat surface to adhere to better than what the door could offer. In Silhouette Studio, I laid out our new command center.


The easiest way to accomplish the first steps was to cut the white squares/rectangles out with my cameo, use a ruler to place them on the huge mat board, then cut the mat board with a knife.


Most of them just needed those steps but the calendar would need something more to make it easier to switch the dates. I wanted magnets, but figuring out what I would use for the magnets to stick to took some time. Finally – washers, steel washers. At the hardware store, I found the smallest steel washers and grabbed some small magnets. After painting my wooden circles, I used strong adhesive to attach the magnets to the calendar.


Writing the numbers wasn’t my favorite idea but because of their size it was a lot more convenient.


The last item that took some time was the cleaning schedule. I’m a believer in spending a little time cleaning each day goes a long way. For example, no one likes to spend an entire day doing laundry, but 10 minutes each day putting a load away, really does make the laundry more manageable. This schedule will help keep our cleaning to a minimum each day, but allow all of it to get done. To make it easily changeable, again, I used more magnets. Having the whiteboard is very useful and I didn’t want to lose the look or the functionality of the whiteboard, so washers wouldn’t work as the magnet’s support. Instead, I found small 5″x7″ magnetic metal sheets that I covered with whiteboard vinyl.


Cutting metal isn’t super fun, so I opted to use black vinyl as a divider for the “do” and “done” sections. Again, painting wooden circles, larger this time, and gluing magnets to the back. With 1.25″ circles, cutting vinyl words was do-able. Using iron-on vinyl on wood is really easy, so I planned out the week and ironed my wood circles.


🙂 All that was left to do was stick all the pieces to the door. Using mounting tape, all the pieces went up quick and stayed really well. Our single most important organizational tool in our home: Our Family Command Center.


How do you keep your family organized?