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When my husband and I first met, he discovered I had never been over the Mackinac bridge so he paid a ridiculous amount of money to drive me across to the UP and back down and then took a ferry over to the island. 🙂

Since then, we have been several times to Mackinaw City and the island. One of my favorite things to do in Mackinaw City, when we visit, is to shop! I love the $5 t-shirts – for some reason those cheap clothes are the most comfy. Unfortunately, sometimes you definitely get a shirt worth $5. One of my favorite shirts started to peel and flake off.


At first, I didn’t mind but the image started getting snagged on everything. So, of course, I took it upon myself to fix it. I started by taking photos of the shirt to find that same font. Using a couple of websites to find similar fonts, I was able to find the exact font they used. Next, I recreated the image in my Silhouette studio.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 7.18.04 PM

Removing the old was a breeze. Peeled right off.


I did end up enlarging the font slightly and here is why: When you make a mistake with vinyl and remove it, typically, it leaves residue behind on the shirt. I enlarged my font slightly to cover the residue. Although, it wasn’t necessary in this case because the old came off so easily it left nothing behind – I ended up leaving the font larger simply because I didn’t bother changing it back to the smaller size.

Eventually, I was left with a plain shirt, well almost plain. I did keep the lakes because they appeared to be adhered fairly well.


I cut my image on new vinyl and heat pressed the shirt.


It’s exciting when you can fix your $5 shirt that you love!

Take time to do what makes your soul happy