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It’s been a long time coming and it’s not completely finished because one day this entire room will be demolished. So, our bathroom included a walled off section from a closet we closed off that will eventually be opened to make room for my claw foot tub, a giagantic useless closet, an old tub with nice flowery tiles, and a vanity with the drawers painted shut. 😊 Functionality at its best, I know. 28392E9D-8C62-436C-B515-A939611BC6F6.jpeg

Since we moved in, we slowly worked on this room here and there not wanting to spend a ton of money when the end goal was to demolish it all, but we needed it bearable until then. Before we moved in, the toilet was replaced – just a personal  thing of mine. Second, I painted. The lilac color was great don’t get me wrong, I just felt gray was better for us. 😉 And of course, wood trim painted white. The brightness – I could cry! 😂


Randomly, my husband decides to get a new vanity. He’s very spontaneous on our house projects.

This vanity was a little bit smaller so finding the, what I called “pond scum,” tile was a bit of a challenge but Menards came through with some accent tile that went well. We had some left over so I ended up popping some tiles in front of the tub and adding some there too. We added a tile back splash and removed the medicine cabinet and replaced it with the mirror that came with the vanity.

The bathroom stayed that way for quite some time. Until I figured out how to mask shower tiles. Changing the floral tiles to white – best thing ever!

For a while, I tried to cover the dark floor with an area rug.


Until eventually, we masked the floor with something lighter, and switched out the shower curtain with taller, lighter ones.


Lastly, I got around to painting the giagantic closet. Yes, that’s pink. Walls, ceiling, trim…

Working on the house is one of my favorite things to do. It’s more of a before and after kind of thing that makes it worthwhile to me! 😊

Do you have any favorite before and after DIY?