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Ultimately, this was an experiment for an idea I have been seeing. Apparently, you can use HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) on glassware and it would become “dishwasher safe”, so naturally, I had to try it. Gathering my supplies of: A wine glass, craft iron, my silhouette cameo, and Glitter HTV – I got to work.

Since this was a test to see if this idea off Pinterest and a couple blogs I have found works, I wanted to keep my design simple. I tend to get deep into a design that I start to fall in love with and when it doesn’t turn out – it’s truly devastating, for real, all that time, work, effort… Keeping it simple for this one.

On the surface, it turned out! The HTV ironed right onto the glass, plastic came off without a hitch. My confidence in this experiment was growing slightly. I’m always skeptical if I cannot find solid evidence on an idea with proven results.

To put it to the ultimate test, I threw it in the dishwasher and turned the heated dry off, to give it a fighting chance. After about an hour, I was eager to check on it. The results?

Pinterest FAIL: HTV on glassware is NOT dishwasher safe. See Below:


Reading though the comments on blogs, there are some crafters that say it works, others say it doesn’t. Here are my thoughts: The M was MIA and the r and s were still in tact with mine but when i dried it the r and s wiped right off. If you’ve ironed on HTV to glassware and ran it through a dishwasher and it came out still intact – pure luck. Maybe the water was too hot, maybe my water pressure is too high. I don’t know the answers but what I do know is that the HTV can be picked off with my fingernail and that tells me there’s no possible way it would survive even a hand-washing. So, it’s good to know – HTV does NOT stick through a dishwasher on glassware, but I wasn’t going to give up on this project. I cut out the same design, cleaned the glass once more with rubbing alcohol and applied “Mrs.” again with my craft iron. This time I painted around and on the design with Martha Stewart’s Durable Gloss Découpage.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used this product but I’ll admit I’m pretty impressed with it, comparing it to Modpodge – it appears to be a better product for these types of projects. Last month I tried it out by making my mom a birthday present. It turned out cute but I wasn’t thrilled with how the brush strokes turned up on the glass from the Découpage, forcing me to paint découpage around the entire glass but I’m glad she loved it anyway.

So this time around, I only painted the design instead of all over. This stuff dries like a durable hard plastic coating, which should protect the HTV.


The bottle claims it’s dishwasher safe after allowing it to cure for 28 days but throwing everything, especially my wine glasses, into the dishwasher isn’t necessary to me so hand-washing this will be a-okay!


Since the découpage has dried…


Happy Friday! Hakuna Moscato. ❤