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There were a lot of things to tackle when we first bought our home. After crafting and renewing most of everything inside, I decided it was time to work on the outside a little before winter. 😊


I don’t think we need a “before” and “after” for this photo. 😉 Our mailbox was rusting, leaking, and lacking. Our road is quite busy and the mailbox was on our neighbors property – walking in the road to get the mail wasn’t ideal and not being able to see the box from our house wasn’t working for me.

Originally, I was going to remove the old box and spray paint it but we decided it would be better to replace and relocate the entire thing. So my husband and I grabbed a post at the local home improvement store and painted it white.


Since I would be testing out some new vinyl on it we didn’t want to spend a ton in case it didn’t turn out, so we picked up a very inexpensive mailbox. I recently acquired some Oracle651 vinyl which is permanent adhesive vinyl meant for outdoor use. Perfect for mailboxes! 😍📪


I was slightly nervous this wouldn’t turn out because the vinyl was more interested in sticking to the scotch tape than the actual mailbox, but it all eventually worked out the way I planned and adhered. While I applied decals, the new post was put in place on the opposite side of the driveway (on our property this time and we don’t have to walk in the road to get the mail!).


Once the post was set and leveled, the old one was removed. (Thanks to my father-in-law pictured below)


After all was done and we admired our work, I realized how much a simple inexpensive project leads to so much curb appeal! Here’s the before/after:


Does your mailbox need some updating? Doing some simple inexpensive projects around your yard can add so much to the overall look.