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My niece’s birthday is this coming up this week so my husband and I have been busy lately with her gift. Her dad is a big fisherman and she’s a daddy’s girl so we figured she might like her own fishing pole.


Shes turning 3, so our handmade toy will be a good hand eye coordination activity for her too.

My husband had the job of constructing the pole. We started off at the craft store with all the wood we needed and the paint colors.

We also found her a bucket for her fish. While he constructed the fishing pole, I made her some fish to catch.



*** The fishing pole and fish are constructed with magnets so adult supervision is always required. ***

I secured the magnets in a separate layer by sewing them in place.


I trimmed down this layer to fit inside the final gray/white fish.


I made a total of 6 fish for her to catch.

After some drilling, sawing, and gluing the pole was completed.


We painted with acrylic pastels, added rope for the line and glued magnets for the hook.


We added a small rod to the handle to hold a third eye hook to help the line reel in better after testing it out for a few minutes. We hope she loves to play with it. We had a blast making it for her! 💕


Happy Birthday, Sam! 🎂