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I love trying out new things with crafts. Lately, my sister-in-law has been talking about Mason jars for her bathroom. Since her birthday was a short time away, I thought I would give it a shot. I’ve never tried chalk paint before so this was an opportunity to try to create something new.

Chalk paint is now one of my new favorite things. I love the finish the wax provides and the protection. It doesn’t scratch as easily and feels different but protects the paint similar to clear coat. I was surprised at how well these turned out. It’s always my trial projects I’m skeptical on.

I started with clean mason jars and painted them with a few coats of white chalk paint until the jars were completely covered and let them dry over night.


Imperfections, like brush strokes, drive me crazy because I tend to be a perfectionist, but those disappeared after sanding. I asked my husband to help me sand some of the jars. 😉 He did an awesome job.


After all the sanding, I coated each jar with wax. As long as you place a thin coat on without drips, it drys clear. Leaving drips or thick spots of wax causes the wax to dry with a yellowish tint. I left the jars again this time for 24 hours following the directions.

After they had dried, they seemed a bit plain.


I added some embellishments, flowers and some twine to give them a little more of a rustic look, plus she had mentioned she loved the jars with flowers on them.

Finished them off with the tops. When I picked up the jars, I also grabbed a soap dispensing kit and frog lid inserts. For the tissue holder, I traced the lid of the jar onto scrapbook paper, laminating it, and sliced an X through the center with a Xacto knife. This replaced the lid with the rim. I filled the tissue holder and the smaller jar with Q-tips.

Overall, they turned out really cute and I’m pretty happy with my first time chalk painting.


Happy Birthday, Jessica!

This woman and her love for Mason Jars…

On a side note, this is the card I made her:

Who doesn’t love 3D Mason jar birthday cards?