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I’m super excited about this post and to share with you one of my guilty pleasures. While this isn’t a craft or a fun project, this is about how you could get your craft supplies for free! Yes, FREE!

I’m always looking for new ways to save money and I came across this app ibotta along with a second app that I will get to later. First – ibotta.


It is free to sign up and free to use. If you go shopping at all – this app is for you. In the course of 72 hours I earned close to $50 for buying items I was already planning on buying, like bananas, bread and paper towel. I can only imagine what I can earn over the course of this year with it being only January.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up using this link (*
  2. Download the app to your phone. If you sign up through your phone use the code: gtarrlt
  3. Unlock deals at your favorite stores in the app.
  4. Go shopping!
  5. Redeem your rebates and deals by verifying your purchases with your receipt.
  6. Transfer your money to your paypal account or a gift card of your choice!

***Using the link or code I provided above will get you a welcome bonus of $10. Signing up without the code and/or link won’t provide the $10 bonus.***

Within the app the more people you are connected to the more $ you earn. As a team, you can unlock different rewards which equals more money in your account!

I was so thrilled to have earned money back at Meijer, Joann’s, Walmart, and even Steak n’ Shake. You can also link your store loyalty cards to your account to even more earn cash back. I was able to shop for my groceries, use my coupons I clipped and still earn money back – some of my items after all my savings and using the app were free in the end. You just can’t beat FREE.

If you go shopping at all and want free gift cards or extra cash in your pocket, then download the free app and copy and paste the code gtarrlt to start earning and get your $10.

The second app I utilize is Checkout51. This app works the same way as ibotta where you unlock rebates/offers and verify with your receipts. I use this app in addition to ibotta. It still pays out $ but I’ve earned 3x more from ibotta. Instead of getting gift cards or your money deposited into your PayPal account, Checkout 51 will mail you a check after you’ve reached $20, which is nice. Who doesn’t want a check in their mailbox after buying items they were already going to buy? I know I do!

From my experience Checkout51 offers a lot of products I typically buy and hasn’t yet put a restriction on where I have to shop to earn the offers, but I tend to earn more with ibotta because they offer % back for shopping for clothes or craft supplies where Checkout51 so far has been groceries and hygiene products only from my experience.

One last app I would like to share with you is Ebates! You always see those commercials of people earning a ton of money through Ebates just for shopping online and I can attest it’s true. My sister first told me to sign up and I was skeptical but now that I order more online, I use Ebates a lot and I’ve earned quite a bit. They have an app but I prefer to go on the computer.

Currently, you receive $10 on Ebates as well if you sign up through this link ( and spend your first $25. The last purchase I made through Ebates I earned 6% cash back just for going through Ebates, no strings attached. If you shop online at all it’s worth it to use Ebates to earn some cash back through various stores. Plus, spending $25 and getting $10 back? That is an awesome deal to purchase something you were planning on buying.

Ebates is free to use and they pay you for your everyday online purchases.

I am thrilled to start our new year off saving and earning money from our everyday purchases.

If you shop at the store or online all three of these apps will pay you to do so! Sign up and earn some extra cash!