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When we first bought our home, the master bedroom was blue, and by blue I mean, walls, carpet, doors, everything.


The 80’s called, they wanted their blue back! My mom was kind enough to help me paint the walls grey, while my husband trimmed. We finished with brand new carpet and a small chandelier. At the time we moved in, this was the only room that was cleaned and ready to use.

After I started working on cleaning, sanitizing and decorating the rest of our house, I knew our bedroom had to remain the one place to relax while the rest of the house was in chaos. No matter where our lives took us, especially with the possibility of having children in the future, I wanted our bedroom to remain the one place in our home that was just ours. It took me a few months after moving in to get it to where it is but even now it is still a work in progress.

The decor above our bed consists of our wedding photo, our vows, and the verse we chose to be read at our ceremony.


While I ordered the canvas photograph online, the other two were hand crafted. I grabbed a two-pack of canvases at the craft store and some black and white spray paint. Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out our vows and the verse.


Both canvases were sprayed black. After weeding the letters, I applied them to the black canvases.


What I should have done was paint again with black after adding the vinyl. This seals the vinyl down to create those crisp clean lines when you peel them off at the end. Not knowing this trick wasn’t the end of the world; I recovered pretty well by using a black paint marker to trace the words. These were the first paintings I did with vinyl, so lesson learned. After the vinyl was on, I sprayed both canvases white and peeled off the vinyl. Done with the wall art, but our room still needed something more.


A headboard was something I had been searching online to purchase and found some I loved, but the prices for them were a bit steep. Settling for one I liked, but didn’t love, wasn’t an option and spending that kind of money I just couldn’t bring myself to do. And after hanging the canvases, a headboard was a must.


Deciding to make a headboard was easy, actually making it turned into a project of procrastination. I had ordered fabric when I decided to make a headboard but it took weeks to get it started. If I knew it was as easy as it was, I wouldn’t procrastinate as long as I did. As soon as my husband had some time, we went to Lowe’s to grab some plywood. He cut it to size, drilled all the holes I needed to add my buttons, which I will add he helped me make, and was thinking ahead when he made makeshift stands for the legs so I didn’t have to hold it up while I worked.


He’s a perfectionist and a gentleman. He made my job super easy and the end results turned out great from his perfect measuring.


We added a full-sized foam mattress topper for cushion and stapled it to the plywood. Draping the fabric and adding buttons was a fun process, but I took quite a few breaks because it was 90+ degrees that day. Adding the buttons with an upholstery needle and string, I tied them to the back of the board.


With my husband’s help, we finished by stapling the fabric to the back of the plywood.



As a final touch, I found some plain white pillow cases at HomeGoods (who doesn’t love HomeGoods?) and cut out Mr. and Mrs. on iron-on vinyl with my Cameo to add as throw pillows. The final result?


No matter where life takes us, in the midst of chaos, at the end of the day we have each other and that is truly what matters. 💕